Lucy. Construction Updates

Markets: Austin

Things are moving right along as we work on building Lucy!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Fa la la la Lucy! Let’s see what’s up!

  • Horizontal construction is nearly done – our road is paved.
  • First phase home foundations are poured.
  • First phase home framing starting up.

Coming up – Next phase foundations.

See you here next month!


Horizontal Construction was key this month – let’s get into it! 

  • Perimeter concrete wall nearing completion.
  • First phase of home foundations ready to pour next week.
  • Road paving to be largely complete in the next 2 weeks. 

Important: One home is unsold. Grab your bff and turn them into your neighbor.

See you next month!


Whoooo, Lucy! Things are hopping at the site:

  • Lots of progress in horizontal construction
  • Perimeter concrete walls construction started
  • Utility tie-ins happening at 12th street
  • Preparing subgrading for road paving

Something else big – we’ve sold 26/27 homes. We are so excited for this village to come to life – more updates next month!


  • Utility work is continuing
  • Detention pond completed
  • Wet utilities to be tied in to city services by end of month.
  • Electric utilities nearing completion
  • Construction dirt is being hauled away
  • Lots of progress in horizontal construction on-site
  • 22 out of 27 homes sold. Can’t wait for you all to meet your new neighbors!