Lucy. Construction Updates

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Things are moving right along as we work on building Lucy!

Come here to watch the paint dry:

September 2022

Speaking to its intensity, Phase 4 construction is in full swing, with insulation already finalized and walks for pre-drywall carried out for all homes, save for 1187. Drywall-hanging is in progress and punch work—electrical, framing, HVAC is underway. Phase 3 homes to close tentatively in late October or early November and all Phase 2 homes have been delivered.

That is all Lucy wrote!

July 2022

Hi Lucy fans,

  • Phase 2 will begin closing at the beginning of August. Loam is laid for all units. Solar panels are ready for installation.
  • Phase 3 tile-work and backsplashes are nearing completion. Final power for phase 3 is coming soon.
  • Phase 4 city frame inspections complete.
  • Phase 5 driveways are all poured.

Come back next month for more Lucy news.

June 2022

Lucy! Big news!

Phase 1:

  • 4 of 5 homes have been delivered.
  • Next home delivery coming right up. 

Phase 2: 

  • Loam installed, grass coming next
  • Wood floors completely installed

Phase 3:

  • MEP trims and set outs ongoing, with tile soon to file
  • Countertop installation underway
  • HVAC set out next up
  • Final electric follows HVAC
  • Wood floors follow electric

Phase 4:

  • Driveways formed and ready for pour
  • Frame punch next up

Phase 5:

  • Driveways poured for homes 1180, 1186, and 1188. Last 2 homes to follow.
  • Frame punch up next

Things are looking good, Lucy. We can’t wait to welcome more neighbors home!

May 2022

May at Lucy.

Our very first new home presentation is complete with closing coming right up. Getting the first homeowners in at Lucy is big, big stuff. Lucy is coming to life with construction progress moving right along to get the rest of our homeowners in and loving Lucy life.

See you next month!

April 2022

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Things are looking beautiful.

We’ve had significant progress over the last two months. Phase 1, you’ve got meters. They’ve been installed and we’ve started air conditioning. Big? Yes. We’ve installed wood floors, appliances, and get all homes in phase 1 closer to completion.

  • Phase 2: Driveways and sidewalks are now poured. Appliances on the way.
  • Phase 3: Pouring to start soon. You’ll have your concrete in a wink.
  • Phase 4 & 5: Frame punch work is underway (pow!) and soon to be complete so we can get started on all that comes next.

From the Development manager: “The vision of Lucy is coming alive, and we can’t wait to welcome our first home owners in May!”

That’s the stuff, Lucy. See you next month.

February 2022

Lucy, we’ll take some explaining, please.

Things are progressing nicely with homes in phases 1 & 2 enjoying crisp new concrete driveways and sidewalks. We’re readying the homes for electric inspection: once done, we’ll get meters. Other phases are moving along with continued framing, roofing, and MEP installations. And all mailboxes are installed. Where else will you get your fan mail?

We are excited to get you into the beautiful Land of Lucy. Stay tuned!

January 2022

The Latest Lipton: Our letter of Site Final Acceptance has been executed!

We now have the green light to progress on sidewalk and driveway pours, electric and water meters, as well as last stages of construction. Your steady patience as we navigate getting everything just perfect is deeply appreciated. Delivering an exemplary home is our intent and we will do so as quickly as we are able.

See you next month!

December 2021

Lucy hates to brag and yet somehow she can’t stop going on and on about the Common area’s great progress. The pool and deck design is also a sight to see, graced under gorgeous heritage trees! Despite continued delays on account of the current state of affairs, home construction has also seen advancements.

Hang tight for us, we’ll be arranging playdates with Lucy real soon!

October 2021

Though we’re seeing new onsite advancements, Lucy still has a significant road ahead with our still-pending Site Final Acceptance letter from the City of Austin. Completion on Electric and Water Meter installations is also stalled while we wait on corresponding permits. StoryBuilt has turned over all of the City’s requested documentation so it’s a waiting game and we remain confident in launching the final stages of construction for Phases 1, 2 & 3 once we have the letter in our possession.

September 2021

September is coming up Lucy and we are feeling that. So much significant progress onsite as well as completion of all City-required punch items for Sarabeth Way. We are now ready to move forward with the final stages of construction for our early-phase homes.

If you’ve peeked by the community lately, you’ve seen all the homes well underway and how Lucy is really coming into her own. We can’t wait to welcome you home! See you next month.

October 2021

Lucy is firing on the cutest of cylinders with all home phases underway.

We were delayed by the City of Austin in getting final power and approvals for final land development but we’ll have a clearer picture of completion progress on phases 1-2 once approval is granted. After we’ve tackled that, StoryBuilt will be able to communicate when to expect water and electric meters along with sidewalk/driveway permits, then we’ll be in the home stretch for completion.

More on Lucy next month!

July 2021

Lucy is gaining ground beautifully as construction on all homes is now underway!

As soon as speed bump installation gets checked off the list, we can greenlight City Final Inspection with Final Acceptance to follow. After Final Acceptance is received, we’ll be able to call in electric and water meters for phases 1 & 2, which should paint a better picture for final delivery.

Hang tight and we’ll have more next month!

June 2021

Lucy is moving along and looking good!

Many homes in phases 1 and 2 are painted, drywall up, and cabinets and countertops installed. We’re waiting for final power hookup. When power is hooked up, we start on the final stages – installing wood floors, appliances, landscaping and fencing.

All homes have been started in all phases, and progressing appropriately.

Thanks for checking in with us and we’ll see you back here next month.

May 2021

Lucy in May is a good place to be. Some houses have been drywalled and painted.

  • Phase 4 homes: Construction started.
  • Phase 5 homes: Construction started.

Sidewalks and flatwork coming up next. 

See you back here next month!

April 2021

What’s up at Lucy? Your update awaits:

Lucy construction has pushed on at a good pace.

  • Phase 1 homes: insulation and drywall installation.
  • Phase 2 homes: framing continues.
  • Phase 3 homes: foundations poured.
  • Phase 4 homes: pinning finished, vertical construction beginning. 

Coming up next: Pool excavation and construction.

Need a break? Come and drive past – things are looking great!

February 2021

Let’s check in with Lucy – this month we have a special anecdote:

“After winter storm Irma, our concrete contractor told us that StoryBuilt was the only builder able to pour foundations the Monday following due to the quality of below slab vapor barriers that StoryBuilt directed their trade to use in lieu of less-expensive alternatives. Every other builder had to re-do their wraps because they did not withstand the harsh weather over the course of the week.”
– Hank Parker, Development Manager

  • Phase 1 – framing and trimming work
  • Phase 2 – foundations poured with framing begun.
  • The detention pond has fencing completed
  • Pool lot ready for excavation

 Up next: Phase 3 starts  Catch you back here next month!

January 2021

Lucy, you’re looking good! Let’s check in:

  • Horizontal construction is nearly done – our road is paved.
  • First phase home foundations are poured.
  • First phase home framing starting up.

Coming up – Next phase foundations.

See you here next month!

December 2020

Fa la la la Lucy! Let’s see what’s up!

  • Horizontal construction is nearly done – our road is paved.
  • First phase home foundations are poured.
  • First phase home framing starting up.

Coming up – Next phase foundations.

See you here next month!

November 2020

Horizontal Construction was key this month – let’s get into it! 

  • Perimeter concrete wall nearing completion.
  • First phase of home foundations ready to pour next week.
  • Road paving to be largely complete in the next 2 weeks. 

Important: One home is unsold. Grab your bff and turn them into your neighbor.

See you next month!

October 2020

Whoooo, Lucy! Things are hopping at the site:

  • Lots of progress in horizontal construction
  • Perimeter concrete walls construction started
  • Utility tie-ins happening at 12th street
  • Preparing subgrading for road paving

Something else big – we’ve sold 26/27 homes. We are so excited for this village to come to life – more updates next month!

September 2020

  • Utility work is continuing
  • Detention pond completed
  • Wet utilities to be tied in to city services by end of month.
  • Electric utilities nearing completion
  • Construction dirt is being hauled away
  • Lots of progress in horizontal construction on-site
  • 22 out of 27 homes sold. Can’t wait for you all to meet your new neighbors!