North Bluff 3 Construction Updates

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What’s going on at North Bluff 3? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


North Bluff 3 has earned a few bragging rights this past month.

Townhome Block 1, among several site amenities such as as mailboxes and trash enclosure is almost complete. We’ve poured two additional slabs and our two finishing slabs will commence construction soon.

Check back next month!


You get a meter! And YOU get a meter! Well, I guess we have one for you too over there with the Warby P’s, but keep it on the hush. Townhome Block 1 just got their electric meters in so we’re setting up for something big: Getting the power on, AC and wood floor installation.

It’s almost time to send our Phase 1 baby off to college and things are looking up for our other phases as well. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

See you next month!


What’s going on at North Bluff 3?

So much progress at the site! Just a few homes still to have their foundations poured. First phase of homes are being painted. Next up is landscaping, fencing, and flatwork. Mailboxes are on their way.

Check back next month.


Work continues at the North Bluff site. Texas is experiencing supply chain issues for common construction items and is also facing labor shortages. This has extended our home delivery timelines. We look forward to the day we turn over the keys and welcome you to our StoryBuilt homeowner family. 

Meet you back here next month!


North Bluff, what’s going on? Let’s see:

Block 1 Townhomes are drywalled, cabinets hung, and getting close to end of construction.

Other areas: 

  • Phase 4 is in vertical construction.
  • Mail kiosk flatwork poured.

Coming up this month: 

  • Phase 5 foundations pouring soon. 
  • Single family (near Block 1 townhomes) units drywall starting.
  • Mailbox installation.

We’re glad to see all the progress. Check back here next month!


Excellent progress has been made onsite, with our first phase of homes. Let’s see what’s going on at North Bluff.

  • Townhome block 1 – drywall installation starting.
  • The dividing fence complete, along with our new fence at the south end of the site-both look great. 
  • Phase 4 single-family homes have their forms set up and will be pouring foundations soon. 

Next up is Phase 5 –  we expect to start pinning, staking, and forming foundations shortly after Phase 4 foundation pours.

Meet you back here next month!


Things are hopping at North Bluff 3. Let’s dig in:

  • Townhome #1: Drywall starting up.
  • Townhome #2: Framing finishing up.

Single-Family Residences:

  • Mechanical work ongoing.
  • Electrical work ongoing.
  • Plumbing work ongoing.

The days are getting longer here at North Bluff. Come back and check in with us next month!


What’s going on at North Bluff 3? You came to the right place, friend. Buckle up.

  • Foundations poured for homes 82-85, 98,99, and townhome block 2.
  • Townhome block 1 siding is going up.
  • Framing start for homes 82-85.

North Bluff 3 is sold out. We are ready for the new year!

See you here in 2021!


What’s going on at North Bluff 3? You came to the right place, friend. Buckle up.

  • Four new home foundations poured.
  • First block – installing doors and windows.
  • Concrete site wall completion in 2 weeks. 
  • Perimeter cedar fence ready to start.

There are only 2 homes left. Both are D plans – 2 br / 2.5 ba / 1590 sq. ft. Tell your friends and get ready to be best neighbors.

See you back here next month!


North Bluff 3 – it’s happeniiinnng –  we are moving right along and it’s good to see!
This just in:

  • Forms are being set for perimeter wall dividing NB3 and Capitol Chevrolet
  • Continued vertical construction on Townhome Block 1 and have topped out framing to the third level
  • Phase 2 of construction will begin with foundation forms set in the next three weeks
  • Sidewalk in right of way was poured and inspected

Meet you here next month.


The Latest on North Bluff 3 has a LOT going on:

  • Land development very close to completion.
  • We’re at 30/33 homes sold! One E plan and two D plans are left. 
  • Townhome block 1 framing underway.
  • Vertical construction on Townhome Block 2 started and and first two floors of framing are complete.
  • All team members met onsite to discuss and review progress. 
  • Sidewalk in right of way has forms set up and will be poured in the next week.