North Bluff 3 Construction Updates

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What’s going on at North Bluff 3? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


What’s going on at North Bluff 3? You came to the right place, friend. Buckle up.

  • Foundations poured for homes 82-85, 98,99, and townhome block 2.
  • Townhome block 1 siding is going up.
  • Framing start for homes 82-85.

North Bluff 3 is sold out. We are ready for the new year!

See you here in 2021!


What’s going on at North Bluff 3? You came to the right place, friend. Buckle up.

  • Four new home foundations poured.
  • First block – installing doors and windows.
  • Concrete site wall completion in 2 weeks. 
  • Perimeter cedar fence ready to start.

There are only 2 homes left. Both are D plans – 2 br / 2.5 ba / 1590 sq. ft. Tell your friends and get ready to be best neighbors.

See you back here next month!


North Bluff 3 – it’s happeniiinnng –  we are moving right along and it’s good to see!
This just in:

  • Forms are being set for perimeter wall dividing NB3 and Capitol Chevrolet
  • Continued vertical construction on Townhome Block 1 and have topped out framing to the third level
  • Phase 2 of construction will begin with foundation forms set in the next three weeks
  • Sidewalk in right of way was poured and inspected

Meet you here next month.


The Latest on North Bluff 3 has a LOT going on:

  • Land development very close to completion.
  • We’re at 30/33 homes sold! One E plan and two D plans are left. 
  • Townhome block 1 framing underway.
  • Vertical construction on Townhome Block 2 started and and first two floors of framing are complete.
  • All team members met onsite to discuss and review progress. 
  • Sidewalk in right of way has forms set up and will be poured in the next week.