Winston. Construction Updates

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What’s up at Winston? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Did you notice our 8.75 inches of rain in January? Things were a little muddy, but we’re still making it happen at Winston:

  • Gas line inspection passed, letting us backfill over the gas lines on the east side of the project.
  • Huge milestone – completion of the waterproofing of the first half of the courtyard deck. We built a large tent over the second half of the courtyard, so our team could continue waterproofing work.

Thanks to these 2 developments, we were able to start wrapping and siding building B.

  • Solar shade installation is well underway.
  • starting up work on concrete stairs, approaches, ramp, and gas meter placement.
  • Building B – drywall installation completed
  • Building B – Drywall installation beginning
  • Building C, A1, and A2 exterior siding is being installed.
  • Building C insulation is being installed.

Moving right along! See you back here next month.


What’s going on at Winston? Here’s a hint: we’re on the nice list. 

  • Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and fire sprinkler rough-ins are complete in all buildings. 
  • Gas layout is in progress. 
  • Courtyard waterproofing work is ongoing. (This is super-useful for Seattle, natch.)
  • Frontage concrete stairs and walks work is progressing.

Up Next: 

  • Building re-wrap.
  • Steel solar shade install starts next month.

See you here next month!


Feeling in the dark about what’s going on at Winston? You’re in the right place for an update. Feeling in the dark in general? That’s Seattle in December. You love it.

  • 3 out of 4 Buildings: Electrical is Complete
  • Buildings A1 & A2 are finishing concrete in entryways
  • Gas is going in
  • Courtyard is ready for waterproofing

See you here next month.