Meet George.

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Let’s Talk About George

  • George is a Red-lored Parrot (lore in this case is the area between bill and eyes) 
  • He’s 19 years old and lives at the Austin Zoo.
  • Parrots can live up to 70 years so they don’t make especially good pets. They’re much too clever and social and have really complex dietary and intellectual needs, so his original person surrendered him to the Zoo. 
  • George has a slight neurological issue that affects his balance, so he needs to stand on flat surfaces. 
  • He keeps busy by starring in internet videos and working with Girl Scouts. Does he make the cookies? Does he eat them? Does he balance the budget sheets? Probably all. 

StoryBuilt is now sponsoring George at the Austin Zoo and will be hosting events for families. The zoo is a certified rescue and rehabilitation facility and it’s the perfect place for our fun-loving George. One simply cannot keep a bird this fabulous out of the public eye. He’s beautiful, charming, funny, and we’re all smitten.