George. Construction Updates

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What’s going on at George? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Site development is MOVING at George!

The site is now graded and cleared. Main utility lines are installed and various site walls are underway. That’s not all: the sub-grade garage (yes) is completely excavated, with footings and garage walls in progress.

All remaining offsite work is near completion.

That’s the big news from George – see you here next month.


That hair-blowing gust of wind you just felt? That’s the speed of George coming out of the gate. Site work is MOVING, people! Our team completed rough grading of the site and excavation of the garage. Speaking of all things garage, footings and walls are being formed and the concrete is flowing.

Offsite? Oh, it’s on. The new waterline in EM Franklin is currently being tested and prepped for transfer by the city. 

Keep your George eyes peeled and we’ll see you here next month.


Work at George is underway and we’re hot out of the gate with site controls and fencing in place.

We completed demolition of existing structures, as well as site clearing and rough grading. Current: excavation of sub-grade garage for townhome units, as well as offsite/EM Franklin improvements. Site signage is up, making our new and charming presence known.

Let’s go, George!