Sneak Peek at Georgetown’s Stanley – New Construction, New Goals

Markets: Seattle

Our favorite thing about this video? We can’t choose. We are proud of how this team made the idea of Stanley into a reality. We’re glad to see the start of the site. We’re thrilled at how one our most valued concepts, collaboration, takes center stage here.

Stanley is 19 units in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. This place is fun and always changing. Buyers here will be close to downtown, all transit, and major highways taking them to Bellevue, Kirkland, or they can just hop on I-5 and head to North Seattle. Basically, Stanley will put you in the middle of everything and you’ll be ready to enjoy everything urban Seattle has to offer.

It’s good to see both Wanjing and Anahi on camera here – we love making a place for women in non-traditional roles. Just because it hasn’t been done much doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Get those STEM classes in, people – we want to see you at StoryBuilt in a few years as we continue to grow.

Collaboration is a necessity here. We’re vertically integrated, which means we do everything in house, from land acquisition to design to construction to sales and marketing. Everything. It makes us better workers, thinkers, and doers to be around people doing all kinds of different jobs in different ways. Collaboration helps us be our best work selves, and we love that for us. Things are more fun when you get lots of different viewpoints.

Learn more about Stanley here. We can’t wait to see it come to life.