These Boots are Made For Walking at George

Hey George fans, let’s take a walk together and dusty boot it all around the George building site.

Our dusty boot tours are an opportunity for potential buyers to tour the site while homes are being built. Buying a new construction home is unfamiliar for a lot of people and this is a way to demystify that. Plus, you can see pneumatic tools in their natural habitat. 

The George site is in central East Austin, close to the Mueller development. Each of the 80 townhomes and the 36 single family homes will have solar panels and parking available. The community pool is set to be huge star – everyone will love relaxing on the deck and playing in the cool water on Austin’s hot sunny days. 

If you’d like to take a tour yourself, you can call our sales team at 512-201-2700. We can’t wait to help you check out Gorgeous George!