Stomp for a Cause

Fundraising with our architects, leadership, business owners, friends, and babies – it takes a village. If they’re all in red pumps? Even better.

Our Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes™️ event was successful and fun.

Thanks again to our event partner @bluesuedeaustin for helping us make this a day to remember. All proceeds to @safeatx and all thanks for the hard and important work they do.

Ruby. Construction Updates

What’s going on at Ruby? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Heyyyyy, Ruby, time for update numero dos! 

Excavation and subgrade prep for the alley is underway. Alley concrete paving to follow, with final plat after that. 

Vertical (you heard us) permit submittal is in plan check with City of Plano Building Department. Purchasing for vertical construction is coming up now that the bid set is available. 

Enjoy the last of your fully horizontal days, Ruby. Vertical is coming atcha. See you next month!


Hey Ruby, let’s get this started!

We’ve officially picked up the plan sets from our Dallas office and delivered them to the city for permitting.

This is our first Ruby update. Come back next month and find out what’s been going on. We’re glad to have you on board.

Scout. Construction Updates

What’s going on at Scout? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Juneuary means NOTHING to our intrepid team. Sure it’s cold and wet. We’ve got this. 

90% of storm structures have been installed. (Could be we’ll need them up here.) Cuts beginning on buildings 4, 5, and 6.

Short but sweet. See you next month, Scout fans.

Enjoy the last of your fully horizontal days, Ruby. Vertical is coming atcha. See you next month!


Hey Scout, here we are with our first update – we’re so excited to get started!

First task – scraping the topsoil is finished. Now we’re excavating for the storm retention tank and catch basin (CB) structures. Tank and structures have arrived and are ready to go in.

Meet us back here next month for all things Scout.

Bruno. Construction Updates

What’s going on at Bruno? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


June-o at Bruno! We had a big big month. We passed our site environmental and reconstruction inspections with flying colors.

We broke ground! Earth works also complete. 

Up next? Gas line and foundation piers installation. It’s on. 

See you back here next month with more Bruno news.


Bruno, we are live! This is our first update and we’ll be with you all the Bruno way to completion.

  • Demolition work is complete.
  • Underway: Site utilities and grade work.

So few words for such a big start. We’re so excited to watch Bruno take shape and we’ll meet you here next month.

Ellie May 24K Magic

What do you get when you take an urban farm, a farm to table restaurant, modern offices, and dreamy homes? Ellie May.

So beautiful that it’s hard to believe it’s real, Ellie May is poised to be East Austin’s new sweetheart. We dreamed of a place where people can live, work, and play, and it’s all coming true here.

From raw land to design board, Ellie May is brought to life here with drone footage and renders. A new construction urban oasis with a touch of magic. We’re all in.

Meridian Closeout Party

Cinco de Mayo at Meridian was amazing!

One of our favorite things is hosting an event at a closed-out project. It’s a chance for everyone to see their neighborhood through fresh eyes and to celebrate the absolute good feeling that comes with having a place to belong.

On Thursday, May 5, we had a chance to celebrate Meridian. We had an amazing turnout, with about 55 people and lots of four-legged friends in attendance.

It’s so heartwarming to see the results of years of work on design, construction, and sales turn into what we hoped for all along – a real community come to life. This place has really come together and taken #livewhereyoulove to a whole new level. 

Thanks to Christian Johnson Group – Caliber Home Loans for the delicious @casamasatx tamales, and Marc & Mark – Fairway Independent Mortgage for sponsoring the margaritas from @boozybardallas – you made it extra special and we couldn’t have done it without you. Shout out and special thanks to Republic Title Turtle Creek for the yard games and all the fun!

Days of Wine and Roses (and Shoes)

Jennifer Parkman and Cynthia McMillioan, the co-founders of @bluesuedeaustin, believe that every woman should have a chance to browse beautiful shoes, jewelry, and handbags in a relaxed, fun, and artistic environment. And what better way to do that than with a glass of wine in hand?*

At Blue Suede, guests are free to try on shoes without having to ask for help from a salesperson. All of the available sizes are out on the floor, so you can take your time trying on different pairs until you find the perfect one. Plus, you can move seamlessly between the lounge and shopping areas as you please.

Next time you’re in the mood for a glass of wine and some retail therapy, head over to Blue Suede located in Willa on South 1st. You’ll be glad you did.

*No shoes were harmed in the making of this video. Some wine may have been enjoyed responsibly. We love it there. We can’t help it.

Art by: @ashleylongshoreart @pattyphotosnaps

Thornton the Amazing Pig

The Field Trip To Meet Him – A Thrilling Tale

Some Pig.

Whew. Thornton Flats is a great place for community. And Central Texas Pig Rescue (CTPR) is an amazing home to some of Texas’s finest. It was a match made in heaven, we tell you.

Our Thornton residents got a chance to ride a party bus (snacks & drinks, obvs) out to CTPR. There we all had the chance to explore the “sanctuary for all” and learn about the cool place where Thornton lives happily in the shade.

Here’s some extra magic: once the trip ended, Thornton residents hung around the common space at Thornton Flats for another hour, chatting and visiting, celebrating the great day. Community: get some.

Meet Ruby.

We offered a helping paw prints to our friends at Plano’s @secondchancespca to help show off Ruby.

Watch the video, fall in love, gain a friend. Easy peasy.

Ruby’s been adopted to a good home, but the memories live on for this lovely shelter dog who now has a forever home. It just takes the right person to find the right dog. Or vice-versa.

Mardi Gras StoryBuilt Style

Mardi Craw, A Crustacean Celebration

@storybuilt_co  @gooakcliff holds a Mardi Gras parade that is a much-loved area feature – it’s been around since about 2009, and it was back this year after a couple years away. Our Dallas office is on the parade route, which means it’s the perfect spot to watch from, and we’ve loved hosting for our residents.

This year? We were so excited to be back that we went all out. We had a Crustacean Celebration from @crawdadsofdallas, drinks, and of course, beads. Over 100 StoryBuilt people came to party with us. It was so great to be back with all of our homeowners and residents. After everyone had stuffed themselves with crawfish, it was time to chill and watch the marching bands, dancers, floats, and the rest of the 50 parade acts.

Of course we had to document it – if you see this much joy, you just have to share it. Enjoy!

State of StoryBuilt 2021

Year In Review

It’s almost like this video speaks for itself. And we like to think it does.

But if you like details, here we go:

2021 was the most transformational year in StoryBuilt history. Here’s why.

  • We created new partnerships with Partners Group and IHP to develop over 1B in real estate.
  • We completed 3 communities – Verbena, Willa, and Frank.
  • We hired 73 new employees over our four markets, including new Chief Investment Officer Charlene Cheng.
  • Pipeline progress – we’re now developing 30 communities with 3000 units valued at $1.98B.
  • We grew our connections with local businesses and animal rescues.*

This was a year of moving forward. We’re so glad to see all the positive change all our teams are creating. It’s taken a lot of hard work, a lot of planning and reporting, a lot of work hours, and an immeasurable amount of heart. We can’t wait to see what’s next – and we know we’ll get there together. #workwhereyoulove

* We met a baby harbor seal and it was the best day ever. Ever.

Video Credits:

Artists: @mezdata, @jiminai, @thesumzer, @thesuitofswords, @starkeymiles, @youcancallmealec, @thesamlao
Non-profits: @sealifer3, @centraltexaspigrescue, and #fortlandia at the @wildflowercenter
Businesses: @bluesuedeaustin, @machinehouse, @partnersgroupglobal, @skyjib_aerials, and IHP Capital Partners

Sage & Sonder – New Flower Mural at Willa

Artist Ruben Esquivel already made a splash at Willa with his beautiful murals of Texas’s popular animals and his first work with us, Seeds of Change. We were excited to get him back for a new project for Willa’s interior – a showcase of native Texas flowers blooming around the Willa logo, with several prominent honeybees doing their all-important pollination work.

Esquivel’s original plan was for a more two dimensional mural – closer to the designs he’d used for Willa’s animals. But he knew that working inside on such a big project would make using spray paint difficult and he made the decision to shift to all brushwork. Suddenly the project took on several new dimensions. This wasn’t something that could be done over a long weekend, so Esquivel set up shop in the lobby and worked while residents came and went.

Residents were immediately charmed (naturally), but also felt deep ownership and interest in the project. They’d stop to chat and ask questions. It became the highlight of a lot of people’s day to come check in on the artist and the art.

The mural’s flowers are Indian Blanket, Mexican Hat, Bluebonnet, Texas sage, and Cardinal flower, and they also happen to be some of the artist’s favorite colors. Working with these vibrant shades for such a long time put him in a new place creatively. He was ready to try more detail in the brushwork on the bee, or in the pistil or stamen on a blossom. And when a resident asked if the artist could add a ladybug, Esquivel thought, why not? This was a community project and it had come to belong to everyone at Willa.

“I love hearing firsthand accounts of how it affects the residents,” he says. Having now met almost everyone in the building and chatted over 300 work-hours of painting, he’s made unexpected friends – sharing dinners, parties, and talk.

A resident lost a loved one and took a minute to chat about it with Esquivel, who was grieving the sudden loss of his father as he painted. It was a moment he’ll never forget. The flowers took on a whole new meaning when he finished – rich and vital, beautiful and temporary This piece was more personal than he’d ever expected.

We’re all thrilled at how it turned out. We hope it will give joy and a real sense of place at Willa for years to come.

StoryBuilt is pleased to make a donation to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in honor of the memory of Ruben Garza Esquivel, the artist’s late father, and to The Bee Conservancy #savethebees

Note from Ruben Esquivel: Special thanks to Dalia Gutierrez (@dollfacekillaaa) for all her hard work and help getting this work up on the wall. Thanks also to the other artists who came out to help: @inkcolor @vivalapainter @alfredo_dasifuentes @ladyleon_febe.

Videographer: @naedaze
Ruben Esquivel: @eastendeclectic