Austin Animal Center


Meet Charley, the most beautiful dog to ever set paws in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. She lived with her family for 14 years and each one was happy. She was a much-loved member of her family and the perfect companion for walks, tiptoeing through a stream, or just napping on the couch. Charley had a good life, was the best dog, and we’re glad we got to spend some time with such a beauty.

We’re building new construction homes in South and East Austin so you can enjoy the joys of Barton Creek and all of Austin’s parks, just like Charley.

This moment of zen is brought to you by Charley. For her service, she has been awarded the Best Mascot Named Charley Medal of Distinction. Let her inspire you, as she did her family, to spend more time outside with someone you love.

We’re donating to Austin Animal Center in honor of Charley. 

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