Meridian Construction Updates

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What’s up at Meridian? This is where you can find out!

That’s a wrap.

Meridian, here’s to your closeout! Our crews worked long and hard on all your houses up on the hill. Your residents have created a vibrant community of their own and we’re thrilled for them. We close out this blog full of excitement to see all the exciting stories our homeowners will have. Aloha, Meridian. 

You can check out our closeout party here.


Last looks at Heath’s Clifftop and we’re happy to report all exterior work on units 1285, 1293, 1277, and 1276 has been completed including fences and landscaping. New Home Presentation for 1276 was set for 12/15 with NHP for 1285 to come the following week on the 21st. Punching out houses and we should have them all closed by the new year.

See you next time!


We’ve got flatwork poured for all 4 houses, as of 10/15. All tile and trims are done on 1276, waiting on startup for wood flooring and electric inspection for requested gas meter. For 1285, tile will be complete this week and all trims are finished. Inspection for electric meter and requested gas meter still in progress. Over at 1277 and 1293, interior paint and cabinets are underway this week with trim outs set for next week in both units.

I think Mer-Mer earned a warm apple scone today.



Meridian, let’s talk. You are thriving and we are thrilled for you. Let’s take a closer look:

  • 1276: Countertops are in, tile starts early October.
  • 1277: Insulation done, starting DTBT this week, electric underground is in.
  • 1285: Sheetrock hung, starting taping and hopefully texture this week, electric underground in.
  • 1293: Finishing inspections, hopefully to start drywall this week depending on crews and materials, electric underground is in.

We’re so of you, Meridian. We’ll see you back here next month to see how you’re shining.


Kindly walk this way.

Closing on 1269 Clifftop took place last Friday while 1277 has completed rough plumbing with electric and fire suppression roughs in progress this week. As inspection lists for 1285 Clifftop are being tended to, siding and insulation are still to come with city frame on the docket for this week. MEPs are complete. Roof work and plumbing top at 1293 Clifftop scheduled this week along with the rest of the MEPs. Cabinets are set for August 23rd in 1276 Clifftop while installation for trim and doors has been completed with painting for interior and exterior expected this week.

Watch this space!


1269 Clifftop will be closing up shop in mid-August, pending final inspections and punch work throughout this week. Ongoing framing for 1277 Clifftop last week with new materials just in for the second floor. We’re good on framing for 1285 Clifftop and pending rough work completion, we’ll start inspections after next week.

More bits:

  • Unit 1293: Framing underway as of last week, with incoming 2nd floor materials expected Wednesday.
  • Unit 1276: We’re well insulated and will be transitioning to drywall as soon as our last fire suppression inspection is finalized.

You heard it here first! We’ll have more scoop for you next month.


June looks good on you, Meridian! There’s been a lot going on, so let’s check in:

  • Unit 1269: All trims done, all tile done, meters on the way.
  • Unit 1276: City frame inspection complete, siding going up. Next: frame punch and insulation. 
  • Unit 1277: Slab, starting frame mid-July.
  • Unit 1285: First floor frame done.
  • Unit 1293: Slab, starting frame mid-July. 

Meet you back here next month.


May is here at Meridian and our teams are hard at work. Texas is experiencing supply chain issues for common construction items and is also facing labor shortages. We’re making our way through.

  • Unit 1269: Trim, cabinets, and paint.
  • Unit 1276: Framing stage, working on wrapping the house and getting roof decking. 
  • Unit 1277: At slab, next up framing.
  • Unit 1285: Framing. Next up, subfloor to finish first and second floors.
  • Unit 1284: Ready for closing.
  • Unit 1293: At slab, next up framing.

Meet you back here next month!


Things are warming up and moving along. Let’s check in:

  • Units 1293, 1285, 1277: Slabs complete.
  • Units 1285, 1276: Framing start.
  • Unit 1269: Drywall and taping.
  • Unit 1284: Landscaping, fencing, punch list and preparing for close.

We’re down to the last few homes and progress remains steady. Check back next month!


Meridian fans, it was a crazy few weeks, but we pushed forward:

  • Unit 1276 – framing work.
  • Unit 1269 – frame finished, siding begun, initial inspections in preparation for insulation install.
  • Unit 1284 – countertops installed, tiling started.
  • Units 1277, 1285, 1293 – slab work.

Meet you back here next month!


Merry Meridian! Here’s what’s up at Clifftop Lane:

  • Just six houses left to build. 
  • Slabs are done.
  • Framing and shingles coming up.
  • Inspections coming up.

One move in ready house available. See you in the new year!