Luma Construction Updates

What’s going on at Luma? This is where you can find out!

That’s a wrap.

Sunset at Luma and Welcome Home Families

Luma celebrated its completion and we were happy to be there with our homeowners. We had about 30 humans and approximately one million dogs. It was a lovely evening.

This marks the end of this construction blog. It’s been nice seeing Luma grow and change. We’re proud of all the hard work our teams put in.

It’s a privilege to see homeowners creating community in their new homes. Luma is 43 townhomes in the heart of San Antonio’s Mahnke Park Neighborhood. We wish them may years of happiness and good times. Welcome home, everyone.


Luma, it’s the LAST BUILDING. Things are hopping at building 6. 

Working on allllll the finishes. Tile, plumbing trim, countertops. AC starts are scheduled and then BAM, wood flooring. 

Exterior decks getting those sweet finishing touches and fencing – get ready for your closeup, we’re coming for you next. 

That’s some good Luma news. Let’s keep it up and see you here next month.


Luuuuuuma, let’s talk about all things you!

Building 5 had a big couple months. March saw lots of finishing work that extended into the first half of April. And then, it HAPPENED. Unit 504 closed. Unit 501 is next. 503 & 504 coming up in May.

Building 6 had us working on drywall hanging and floating in all units. Next up was texturing, followed by installing siding and concrete flatwork. Courtyard amenities also underway. By April we saw trim and cabs work with an estimated completion in July. 

Good chat. We’ll talk to you next month.


Luma, let’s chat. Things are getting super serious.

  • Building 4: Homes 401 & 402 closed on the 18th.
  • Building 5: Homes 501-504 – work continues on mechanical, trims, and exterior final grade. Closing coming up next.
  • Building 6: Homes 601-606 working on insulation and stucco. Drywall coming up next.

We’ll check in next month and share the good news.


Units 401 & 402 in Building 4 are set for drywall touch up and final paint began 12/6/21, with cedar siding installation underway next week. Also in progress is drywall tape and float in Building 5 along with rough and window installs for Building 6 to come once framer is ready.

Ciao for now!


Here’s the lowdown on our girl Luma:

Both Units 701 and 704 in Building 7 are move in ready while exterior walls and plumbing finals in Building 4 are still underway. Over in Building 5 we’re insulating and getting drywall material delivered. Rough-in trades are in progress Building 6 while we are getting the grove area polished up and removing temp fences.

Til next time.


Last looks this week and next week in Building 7 on units 701 and 704. Building 4 is seeing some plumbing work, electric and HVAC trims all in units 401 and 402. Meanwhile, stucco and rough mechanical phase for building 5 and rough mechanical’s working in Building 6.

We call that GROWTH.


I’m gonna level with you, Luma.

You’ve got building 7 completed with 2 units closed, another on the way this month, and a 4th unit soon to come in September. A paint wall-out trim installation is underway this week for building 4, while building 5 is getting inspected for pre-insulation, and movement on roof decking for building 6 is ongoing.

That’s all for now. Someone leave the light on for Luma.


Luma’s been busy so let’s dive in.

This week we have a few more polishings and NHPs on units 702 & 703 in Building 7. We’ll have Building 4 textured with tape & float by the end of this week. Building 5 will transition to drywall by mid-August and we’re in the middle of decking and sheeting the exterior for Building 6. That should be achieved within the next few weeks. 

Hang in there, Luma!


Moving right along at Luma. What’s been going on? Let’s check.

  • Building 4: Getting inspections in place to start drywall.
  • Building 5: Framing the roof.
  • Building 6: Framing 3rd floor and roof.
  • Building 7: Interior and exterior finishes.

We’ll meet you back here next month!


Things are good at Luma in May. Let’s check in:

  • Building 3: Working on finishing inside and working on sidewalks and exterior landscaping.
  • Building 4: Wrapping up rough framing.
  • Building 5: Starting framing.
  • Building 6: Working on foundation – 4 pours to complete, second pour delayed due to rain.
  • Building 7: Working on trim and doors.
  • Building 8: Units 801 – 803 Specs and finishing paint.

See you back here next month!


It’s good to see Luma looking so great. Let’s check in! 

  • Building 3: 301-305 complete.
  • Building 4: Working on cornice. 
  • Building 5: Working on first floor framing.
  • Building 6: 601 foundation pour. 606 framing start. 
  • Building 8: Final paint touchups in units. Preparing for new home presentations.
  • Building 9: Final touchups and cleaning.

See you back here next month.


Hey, Luma, what’s up? Now that the snow’s gone, let’s check in: 

  • Building 3: Working on final paint and touch ups for walkthroughs in March.
  • Building 4: Working on frame rough-ins. 
  • Building 5:  Working on frame rough-ins.
  • Building 6: Foundation pours. 
  • Building 7: Tiling and exterior siding work.
  • Building 8: Units 801, 802, 803 have final paint work coming up.
  • Building 9: Units 904/905 are in finishing touches and nearly move-in ready.

It was a busy month, for sure. We’ll see you back here for next month’s update!


New year, new Luma news! Let’s check in:

  • Building 3: Inside finishing work. Outside work on sidewalks and landscaping. 
  • Building 4: Finishing up rough framing. 
  • Building 5: Framing is starting.
  • Building 6: Foundation pouring underway. 
  • Building 7: Work on doors and trim.
  • Building 8: Finishing paint.

Blue skies today at Luma. Meet us back here next month. 


So much going on at Luma. Let’s get into it!

Building 8: Finishing touches going in – flooring, trim, electrical trim out work (light fixtures, wall outlets, switches and cover plates.)

Building 3: 301 – 305 Tile Work

Building 4 & 5: Framing Start

Building 7: Weatherproofing wrap going up. Inspection next up. 

Lots of careful work and big steps going on here. Meet us next month for more in the continuing story of Luma.


Unit updates by number. Lots going on and we’re happy to let you know what’s up!

  • 301 – 305: Finishing hanging drywall this week, starting tape & floating and should texture by the end of next week. Interior trim to follow. Paint and cabinets to follow by mid October.
  • 401 – 402: Setting form boards today, call for form survey next week and plumbing rough install.
  • 501 – 504: Setting form boards today, call for form survey next week and plumbing rough install.
  • 701 – 705: Finishing mechanical roughing in, starting frame punch next week: coming up – frame inspection and start insulation poly and foam.
  • 801 – 806: Installed interior trim, cabinets and garage doors. Interior wall out next week, tile to start 1st of October.
  • 901 – 906: Electric meters installed, interior trim painted, A/C units started, wood flooring finishing up, drywall punch starting, final paint starting next week, install decks starting today, Landscaping starting 10/1, appliances 10/5.