Nora. Construction Updates

Markets: Seattle

What’s up at Nora? A lot. We love seeing blueprints come to life. Read on!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


This one sneaked in under the wire. Read on to see what happened at Nora just before the new year. 

  • Sidewalks finished
  • Drywall underway and in various states of completion depending on building.
  • About a month away from temporary certificates of occupancy in buildings 7 & 8.
  • Buildings 9 & 10 foundations complete. Underground plumbing coming up. 

See you soon with more updates!


Sure, it’s November and it’s dark at about 3 pm. Does that mean construction is slowing down? No. We eat dark for breakfast here at Nora. 

  • Buildings 7 and 8 are in final finishes. Building 7 has our model home and things are getting real.
  • Building 6 is installing cabinets and millwork.
  • Building 5 drywall is 75% complete.
  • Building 4 is taping for drywall.
  • Building 3 is getting insulated.
  • Buildings 1 and 2 are ready for electrical inspection.
  • Concrete alley driveway has been started with pavers up next to complete.

Get more news next month. Same Nora channel.


  • Hardscapes are now being installed. 
  • Final grading of phase 1 is 50% complete. 
  • Completed Seattle City Light requirements for permanent power, and are now in the queue for service.
  • Flat work and hardscape for buildings 5-8.
  • Beginning landscaping for buildings 5-8.
  • Drywall installation continues for building 5 followed by building 4 after.
  • Beginning cabinet installation for building 6.

Stay tuned for more updates. See you soon at Nora.