Nora. Construction Updates

Markets: Seattle

What’s up at Nora? A lot. We love seeing blueprints come to life. Read on!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


No room at the inn for buildings 3 and 5-8!

We’re powering our way through final cleaning and inspections this week and homeowner walks for building 4 are on the itinerary for July 20th.

Happy to report they’ve locked down all fencing and landscaping in buildings 3-8. Still to come for buildings 9 & 10 are 3rd floor walls, while framing for those floors is underway.

Love this journey for Nora. ‘Til next time!


What’s up, Nora? Let’s see:

  • Building 1: Finishes are almost done. Millwork and door install will start soon.
  • Building 2: Finishes are complete. Millwork and door install is starting.
  • Building 3: Working on punch items. Wing wall landscaping is complete. Passed MEP final inspections. Passed fire final inspection. TCO inspection scheduled. Building final inspection contingent on TCO inspection.
  • Building 4: Wing wall landscaping is complete. Millwork and door install is wrapping up. Exterior painting is finished, millwork and door paint is starting.
  • Building 9 & 10: Underground plumbing is complete. Slab prep is complete. Structural steel is installed. First floor exterior walls have been set. Installing second floor system now.
  • At the site: Pavers in the south alley are complete. Pavers connecting the entrance to the south alley are 85% complete. Permanent garbage location slab is poured.

So much progress. See you back here next month!


It’s been a beautiful May in Seattle, and there’s big news at Nora!

Building 5 is getting its Technical Certificate of Occupancy (TCO).

What else?

  • Building 4: Finishes, Door & Millwork Paint
  • Building 3: Door & Millwork Paint
  • Building 2: Finishes
  • Building 1: Finishes

Meet you back here next month with more of the late stages at Nora.


Building 6: Moving fast – getting prepped for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

  • Passed final electrical inspection.
  • Passed plumbing final inspection.
  • Fire final inspection scheduled.

Buildings 1-5: Interior finishes are looking great. 

  • Cabinets installed.
  • Doors installed.
  • Millwork complete.
  • Landscapers laying pavers in upper courtyard.

Coming up for Buildings 1-5:

  • Getting ready for paint.
  • Entry steps install.
  • Plants onsite and will go in when pavers are done.
  • The shiners have been poured in the south drive isle and the landscapers will lay the pavers as soon as they finish.
  • 3 building exteriors left to paint.

Buildings 9 & 10:

  • Plumbing plans approved.
  • Current start date is late April.

Meet us back here next month!


This one sneaked in under the wire. Read on to see what happened at Nora just before the new year. 

  • Sidewalks finished
  • Drywall underway and in various states of completion depending on building.
  • About a month away from temporary certificates of occupancy in buildings 7 & 8.
  • Buildings 9 & 10 foundations complete. Underground plumbing coming up. 

See you soon with more updates!


Sure, it’s November and it’s dark at about 3 pm. Does that mean construction is slowing down? No. We eat dark for breakfast here at Nora. 

  • Buildings 7 and 8 are in final finishes. Building 7 has our model home and things are getting real.
  • Building 6 is installing cabinets and millwork.
  • Building 5 drywall is 75% complete.
  • Building 4 is taping for drywall.
  • Building 3 is getting insulated.
  • Buildings 1 and 2 are ready for electrical inspection.
  • Concrete alley driveway has been started with pavers up next to complete.

Get more news next month. Same Nora channel.


  • Hardscapes are now being installed. 
  • Final grading of phase 1 is 50% complete. 
  • Completed Seattle City Light requirements for permanent power, and are now in the queue for service.
  • Flat work and hardscape for buildings 5-8.
  • Beginning landscaping for buildings 5-8.
  • Drywall installation continues for building 5 followed by building 4 after.
  • Beginning cabinet installation for building 6.

Stay tuned for more updates. See you soon at Nora.