Meridian Construction Updates

Markets: Dallas

What’s up at Meridian? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Meridian fans, it was a crazy few weeks, but we pushed forward:

  • Unit 1276 – framing work.
  • Unit 1269 – frame finished, siding begun, initial inspections in preparation for insulation install.
  • Unit 1284 – countertops installed, tiling started.
  • Units 1277, 1285, 1293 – slab work.

Meet you back here next month!


Merry Meridian! Here’s what’s up at Clifftop Lane:

  • Just six houses left to build. 
  • Slabs are done.
  • Framing and shingles coming up.
  • Inspections coming up.

One move in ready house available. See you in the new year!