Stanley: Homeward Bound

Markets: Seattle

It wasn’t long ago that our team got to see baby Stanley at SR3, where he’d just graduated from the pup nursery to the “big kid” pool. He still needed practice learning how to eat on his own, but the staff and volunteers helped him get through fish school with flying colors.

After 63 days at SR3, Stanley was ready to go home. SR3 tries to release seal pups within 20-30 miles of where they were found. One ferry ride across the Puget Sound and a few dusty roads later, Stanley was face to face with the sand and the blue expanse of cold saltwater that will be his new world. It’s where he belongs. Honestly, we had a few tears seeing this beautiful pup start his swim out to sea – but they were happy and grateful tears.

SR3 cares for sea mammals who can’t survive on their own and readies them to return to the wild. We’re proud to be a sponsor and can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us next. It’s already made us more thoughtful about the health of the water around us, and more eager to be careful stewards of our beaches. Thank you for taking us on, SR3!

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