Seattle Link Light Rail

Markets: Seattle

We’re so excited about the newest stations in Seattle. They’ve been under construction since 2012 and some of us have been around long enough to remember this. So, here’s the deal. Three new stations in the University District, Roosevelt, and the Northgate neighborhoods now allow people to get downtown in less than 15 minutes. Trains will run every 8 minutes at peak hours, and people can expect to get from Northgate to Sea-Tac Airport in 45 minutes.

Northgate’s light rail station features several nearby parking lots, which allow people to drive to the location and then take the train to popular destinations, including Husky Stadium, Lumen Field, and the core of downtown Seattle. A pedestrian bridge over I-5 near the Northgate Station also opened on Saturday and allows access over the freeway to the area around North Seattle College.

This makes such a huge difference to so many people in Seattle, but it also gives more transit access to homeowners at Nora and Winston. Seattle has lagged behind in mass transit for decades but is finally catching up. 

We’re so proud of the peeps that showed up at 4:41am to take the first ride on October 2nd. Some people just love trains and we are into that! All hail light rail, Seattle, and keep moving forward.