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What’s going on at Goose? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Hi Goose, looking good!

Paving is nearly complete. Gas and electric utilities are ready to be run. Final grading for utilities is complete. 

Looking forward to more good Goose news. See you back here soon.


Goose, here’s what’s up.

  • City clean outs were moved last week.
  • Second pour for streets was done on Thursday, July 28.
  • Next pour is coming one week after that date.
  • Getting close to horizontal. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Back next month. 


Hey Goose!

Let’s talk about concrete. It’s what’s happening. It’s going to take about 3.5 weeks for all the on site concrete and dry utility infrastructure and then that is all she wrote for horizontal construction.

Vertical preconstruction activities are nearly complete. Purchasing is wrapping up the bid effort and the plan check is well underway. Permits should be coming in the near the end of June.

Are you ready to get vertical? Heck yes you are. See you next month.



I think you know what we mean. Supply chain problems meant that lime procurement took longer than expected. But now it’s here and we can stabilize all the soil for roads and drives that we want. Horizontal construction has resumed. Phew.

Vertical permit applications for the first 16 homes are in plan check awaiting city comments. We anticipate those permits to be done by June. Vertical construction is scheduled to kick off in July.

Meet us back here next month and we’ll check on all things Goose.


Oh, Goose. You’re our favorite wingman.

Utility construction is complete, including all primary service tie-ins and connections.

We will soon get started paving the streets sidewalks, and curbs.

We’re targeting our vertical start to be in July 2022.

Stay tuned for all things Goose.


Things got a little chilly in Dallas, we all know. But Goose kept going. Land development work is ongoing, with wet utility main service connections at the forefront. After that comes driveways and sidewalks.

Goose’s pool area update: Subgrade preparation is underway and the pool contractor continues design work on the pool & deck.

Going vertical: Architecture provided vertical bid documents to the procurement manager, kicking off the start of bidding for the vertical trades. Final Plat was approved by the City of Dallas and lot addresses have been established. The vertical permit submittal set is near complete, which starts the plan check approvals with the City of Dallas. Average permit review duration is 8 weeks.

We’ll check in next month with more things Goose!


Install for onsite wet utility and retaining wall are finished and we’re looking at an early February install and delivery of long lead materials for underground sewage connection. Community amenity pool & deck design/build agreement was awarded to a local pool specialty contractor. Pool design will be underway soon and permitted with vertical construction docs, which were issued for bidding this week with permit submittal to follow, pending review from City of Dallas.


GOOSE! It’s our first update and we may need a cool cloth for this fevered excitement.

Earthwork is complete. Retaining wall finished. Underground utility rough-in is complete. What else is up? Glad you asked: the shared access road and main drive approach are currently in progress.

Meet you here next month for all things Goose.