Mardi Gras StoryBuilt Style

Mardi Craw, A Crustacean Celebration

@storybuilt_co  @gooakcliff holds a Mardi Gras parade that is a much-loved area feature – it’s been around since about 2009, and it was back this year after a couple years away. Our Dallas office is on the parade route, which means it’s the perfect spot to watch from, and we’ve loved hosting for our residents.

This year? We were so excited to be back that we went all out. We had a Crustacean Celebration from @crawdadsofdallas, drinks, and of course, beads. Over 100 StoryBuilt people came to party with us. It was so great to be back with all of our homeowners and residents. After everyone had stuffed themselves with crawfish, it was time to chill and watch the marching bands, dancers, floats, and the rest of the 50 parade acts.

Of course we had to document it – if you see this much joy, you just have to share it. Enjoy!