Ruby. Construction Updates

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What’s going on at Ruby? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Heyyyyy, Ruby, time for update numero dos! 

Excavation and subgrade prep for the alley is underway. Alley concrete paving to follow, with final plat after that. 

Vertical (you heard us) permit submittal is in plan check with City of Plano Building Department. Purchasing for vertical construction is coming up now that the bid set is available. 

Enjoy the last of your fully horizontal days, Ruby. Vertical is coming atcha. See you next month!


Hey Ruby, let’s get this started!

We’ve officially picked up the plan sets from our Dallas office and delivered them to the city for permitting.

This is our first Ruby update. Come back next month and find out what’s been going on. We’re glad to have you on board.