Dallas Women Speak Over Fence in Blackout

Cocktails & Friendship Result

Galpals in StoryBuilt’s Glencoe Park! You never know when you’ll meet your next friend. Maybe it’s  in Dallas during a blackout and you start a chat across your backyard fence and then cocktails and flashlights come out and boom: besties. 

We know that it can be hard to take that first step and introduce yourself to your new neighbor – but it’s almost always worth it. When our neighborhood ties are strong, our neighborhoods are stronger. Our society is a little happier, a little more open. People know they have someone to count on. 

We design StoryBuilt communities as, you know, communities. Breanne and Courtney are out here selling the dream. Cocktails, kids, design, dogs – and a friendship that will last them forever. We salute them.