Meet Scout.

Markets: Seattle

Scout is a loved member of her family and has been with them since 2019. She also has a ton of personality. An entire ton. Her family has this to say about her: Scout is a playful girl, toy hoarder, and a side eye queen. She is shy until she knows you, but then she will cuddle up with you anytime. Scout will never turn down a treat, or some more food in her bowl. She loves the dog park, but will not play fetch if any bigger dogs are around. However, she loves to play with other dogs. Her secret talent is that she can howl and somehow sound like a rooster.

We love a secret talent, a discerning dog park attendee, and never turning down a treat? Count us in. Besides all of that charm, here’s the kicker: She is the best dog we could ever ask for.

Oh Scout. Run, play, and eat until you need a nap, and then do it all again. purple heart

StoryBuilt will make a donation to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Scout’s honor.