We Love Our Trees: A StoryBuilt Seattle True Story

Man, smell those trees! Smell those Douglas Firs!” – Agent Dale Cooper

This look at Seattle’s StoryBuilt operations is brought to you by the trees we love. In this fast-growing city, we see a lot of trees taken out of future building sites. Our teams view trees as an asset, not a liability, and we work to save as many as we can when we acquire a parcel of land. How is this new-construction home or urban village going to look when it’s finished? How can we keep it as livable, workable, and walkable as possible? We keep that in mind as we work.

Our Seattle Division President, Ben Rutkowski, walks us through the process of working in our rainy, hilly, close-knit city. He knows the secret: once you move to Seattle it’s hard to leave. We’ve got mountains, beaches, and forests. Seattle’s moving fast, just as it has been for the last 30 years. It keeps changing and we’re here to change with it. We build in places people want to live and we build places people want to live in. Simple.

StoryBuilt builds new construction homes and mixed-use communities and urban villages in America’s fastest growing cities – Austin, Dallas, Seattle, and Denver.  Learn about investing with us at here. Let’s see what we can build together.