NYers Heat Survival Guide for Austin

If you’re relocating from New York to Austin, you might be wondering how you’re going to transition from NYC to a lonesome town full of tumbleweeds, dust, and cattle, where everything is black and white and sad cowboys sit on fences playing guitar in the moonlight. Okay. Stop watching old westerns on Hulu and listen up.  

The good news is that Austin is a gorgeous city with tons to do and the best BBQ in the country. You can get good beer, listen to good music, and you can do fun things outside without getting eaten by a rat the size of a dumpster. 

We know, you know hot. You’re a New Yorker. You eat hot for breakfast. Listen. It’s hotter here, and you’ll get used to it and everyone has air conditioning and there’s movie theaters and eventually it will be winter, but you have to be ready. Like Zombie apocalypse ready. 

Here’s a list of cool stuff that will help you adapt to your new home: 

Get some good sun protection: Badger sunscreen is insanely good for you, works great and it’s good for the planet.

Hydrate: Hydroflask is working hard to keep you and our planet alive and all you have to do is drink water. You’ve got this.

Teeny tiny water spraying fan: Got kids? Got a dog? Didn’t get the other stuff on this list because you thought you could handle it and now you’re shriveling like a sad, sad raisin?

Get this. Stand up paddleboard: Seriously, this is so fun. If you’re really moving to Austin, why not go all the way and go full Austin? Get on one of these and be the captain of your destiny as you explore the waterways. Your dog will like it, too.

Being hot makes your body work harder to keep you cool. Keep something in your backpack that won’t melt or get squished (looking at you, bananas.) Grab some Thunderbird paleo, vegan snacks, made right in Austin.

Come evening, you’re in your new house/new condo and your air conditioner is on. You’ve got a beer and you’re tired from all the cool stuff you did outside. Guess what? It’s lonesome cowboy time. Yes. This guitar is eco-friendly, made with salvaged timber while still caring about your sweet sound quality. That’s a tall order, cowpoke.

Bottom line? You’re in for a big change – and change can be overwhelming. But get outside, walk in your new neighborhood, and say hello. People are friendly here. Welcome home.