Unpacked / Austin

Breaking Down Presale to Resale

George is Taking Shape

Things are looking sharp at George – as you can see from these construction shots. We sent out our trusty drone and got the latest updates.

Austin’s Sweetheart is Underway

Something sweet is coming to East Austin – it’s Ellie May! We’re bringing 84 homes in lots of different shapes and sizes to this beautiful leafy corner of town.

Honey, We Moved the House

Ellie May fans, we’re here with some breaking news. Work on the site is continuing and we had our biggest day yet – moving the original farmhouse to the other side of the site.

5 Places to Visit in Austin

Austin is known for a lot of things: its live music, its burgeoning tech industry, and its reputation as one of the most rapidly-growing cities in Texas. Here are five of our favorite places to check out in Austin.

Stomp for a Cause

Fundraising with our architects, leadership, business owners, friends, and babies – it takes a village. If they’re all in red pumps? Even better.

Ellie May 24K Magic

What do you get when you take an urban farm, a farm to table restaurant, modern offices, and dreamy homes? Ellie May.

Meet Thornton.

It’s Thornton! Here’s a story about how everyone just needs the right place to thrive.