Your Favorite Texas Animals Are At Willa’s New Mural

Willa’s new mural is incredibly gorgeous. See some of your fave Texas animals in a new light. Artist Ruben Esquivel took inspiration from some family roots and brought the style of Otomi textiles to Austin with help from artist friends. We’re so glad he did.

Willa’s condos, office, and commercial spaces bring a big presence to the South Congress/Bouldin Creek neighborhood and we wanted Willa to both stand out and fit in. This mural is the finishing touch on something really special.

From the artist’s notes:

“This work is inspired by Otomi textiles traditionally made by the Otomi people in the Mexican Altiplano, which is where my stepfather is from.

I went to Mexico to see first hand how Otomi work was made and to find inspiration for the mural. I was enamored by the the bright colors, textures, and textiles used throughout Mexican art. These fabrics, colors, and traditional clothing inspired the mural’s bright color palette.”

Come to the mural to see Green Jays, Mexican free-tailed bats, hummingbirds, coyotes, and more. They’re all part of the Austin family, and so are we. Let’s get together.