StoryBuilt Celebrates Their Investors

We depend on our investors and we’re grateful for their support. We had an investor social on a spring evening in the courtyard of our beautiful Willa. We welcomed about 20 of our investors and enjoyed a night of treats, drinks, music, and flowers. 

Thanks to Blue Suede, Willa’s first retail tenant, for opening their doors and showing off what they do best: shoes & wine. Treaty Oak came and provided whiskey tasting. The Flower Peddler helped us show our gratitude by offering their bouquet bar to our patrons. What’s a spring night in Austin without music? We would never. Shaun Gonzales treated us to his smooth guitar stylings. 

Connection with our investors is paramount – we want them to see the results of their investments, and to spread the good StoryBuilt word. Real estate investing on a human scale. We can all get behind that.