1600 S 1st St Austin, TX 78704

An urban village for real.

Four blocks from the heart of SoCo – walk to cafes, music, and shopping. There’s a real buzz to this place. Coffee, cocktails, and people make it go from early til late.

Mixed-use means lots to love. Downtown Austin is just across the river, but here you’ve got your own space. Live by beautiful Bouldin Creek. Live where it’s real.


One Bedroom starting at $450,000
Unit Baths Sq Ft Plan Est Comp Video
2011840Residence 1BDecember 2020
2041840Residence 1BDecember 2020
2071840Residence 1BDecember 2020
2121745Residence 1ADecember 2020
2181928Residence 1DDecember 2020
2201840Residence 1BDecember 2020
2211923Residence 1CDecember 2020
3041840Residence 1BDecember 2020
3071840Residence 1BDecember 2020
3121745Residence 1ADecember 2020
3161745Residence 1ADecember 2020
3171840Residence 1BDecember 2020
4011840Residence 1BDecember 2020
Two Bedrooms starting at $715,000
Unit Baths Sq Ft Plan Est Comp Video
20821596Residence 2GDecember 2020
21021335Residence 2FDecember 2020
21121335Residence 2FDecember 2020
21421335Residence 2FDecember 2020
21921301Residence 2EDecember 2020
22221335Residence 2FDecember 2020
30821596Residence 2GDecember 2020
31121335Residence 2FDecember 2020
31421335Residence 2FDecember 2020
40421596Residence 2GDecember 2020
40621335Residence 2FDecember 2020
41121286Residence 2DDecember 2020
Three Bedrooms starting at $1,150,000
Unit Baths Sq Ft Plan Est Comp Video
22422143Residence 3CDecember 2020
40221528Residence 3ADecember 2020
41021827Residence 3BDecember 2020