Clementine. Construction Updates

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What’s going on at Clementine? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


We’ve got eyes on Clementine and it’s looking like steady headway across the board. Final sketches for pool design are complete so we’re just waiting on the OK from our electrical consultant to send them off. Clementine might take up a hobby in the interim. Coding or knitting soft cardigans maybe.

Stay tuned! 


Our vivacious Clementine has foundations poured on homes 5-8. Once those forms are removed, they’ll pivot to Phase 3 for homes 9-12. Decking and sheathing will be underway on unit 2 once framing is complete. We also have mechanical and electrical installs set in the coming weeks on homes 1 & 4, with plumbing top out finalized.

Watch this space!


Pleased to report frontage fencing has concluded while sheathing is underway in unit 4. We’re expecting concrete pours by the end of the month on units 5-8 and forms have been set and backfilled, with rough plumbing installation also complete. Hang tight, we’ll be right back after these daiquiris.


Clementine’s got herself some framing scheduled on units 1-4 before the month’s end.

Pre-pour inspections and foundation pouring is underway for these units while foundation forms are being set this week on units 5-8. Excited to report water main installation is complete and all homes now have water service. There’s also partial installment on frontage privacy fencing and temporary installation on construction gates for the entrance. By month’s end we’ll have rain garden pumps installed and garden plantings to come once the pumps near completion.

Stay tangy.


Fresh site signage w/renderings? Check!

Our first 4 units are good to go on plumbing, rough in, forms and rebar. Still to come are last looks from the City of Austin for a pre-pour inspection, with foundation pourings to follow. After we get our 4 elementary foundations filled in, forms can be set up on the next four units.

By July’s end, we’ll see all rain gardens in pollution-reducing action. Watch this space!


Big news: we’ve received the site’s final acceptance letter from the City Of Austin!

  • Construction fencing going up
  • Vertical construction is officially underway
  • Setting up foundation forms 

Up next: underground rough-in plumbing and rebar installation, followed by a pre-pour inspection.

Meet us here next month for all things Clementine.


Clementine is looking great this spring! Let’s check in:

  • Passed all inspections and city sign-off, so it’s time to start vertical on our homes.
  • Currently the site looks like a park and we’re all enjoying the view at the worksite.
  • Continued progress on the rain gardens, which will channel stormwater drainage offsite. 

This place is going to be amazing and we can’t wait to see the houses going up. 

Meet back here next month.


A busy month at Clementine, despite the snow. Let’s see what’s up:

  • Land development work is in its punch-list phase, with our contractors working to prepare our home sites for construction.
  • The pool lot is looking better than ever, and due to some new design improvements, we think it will be one of the great jewels of the site.
  • We plan to go vertical late this month, and can’t wait to see our vision for Clementine come alive!

Can’t wait to get vertical. Meet you back here next month!


Clementine’s news is good! Let’s check in:

  • Limestone walls are built. 
  • Sidewalk removed and replaced.
  • Perimeter fencing almost complete. 
  • Paving is underway. 
  • 9/12 homes sold. 

This place really is our darling and it’s moving right along. See you back here next month.


We’re moving right along and our sleighbells are jingling. Let’s see what’s up:

  • Dry utilities are complete.
  • Telecoms are complete.
  • Raingarden walls are complete.
  • Road is ready for paving.

Next up: Vertical construction. Can’t wait to see how it’s all going to come together. See you here in 2021!


Moving right along at Clementine – seems like this month’s theme is wet and dry. Let’s look!

  • Dry utilities (electric, gas) are underway.
  • Telecom utilities (all things cable, internet, and dark matter)
  • Rock walls are, um, rocking.
  • Rain gardens being excavated.
  • Pool excavation is starting.

We’ll see you here next month!


Boooo, it’s been a busy October! Here’s what’s up at Clementine:

  • Wet utilities – sewer, storm drain, and water systems – installed
  • Finishing tying the onsite utilities to mains in Menchaca
  • Saved two additional onsite trees – this is big! Long may they grow.
  • Presales started up with a bang: sold two homes in first four days. We knew these would go fast, but this is extra fast.

Back next month with more good news!


We’re so happy to bring you our first construction update on Clementine!

  • Wet utility trenches are complete.
  • Wet utilities are installed in trenches, cleanouts complete.
  • Pool design nearing completion.
  • Upgraded approved for luxury appliance package due to popular demand. 
  • Presales are hot – tons of appointments thanks to the perfect design and feel of this community.  
  • Two homes sold in first weekend.
  • Now is the time to buy – grab your friends and make yourselves neighbors!