Frank. West Construction Updates

Markets: Austin

What’s going on at Frank. West? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


Frank’s approaching the next phase with power and finishes while prep has begun for NHPs and sod going down and fences going up, moving into concrete on units 18-20.

We cherish you more than you know, Frank.


Carport framing and drywall is now in progress on Units 18-20. Electric is still to come and forming is underway as well.

This has been François West with your monthly communiqué, til next time!


Units 5-10:

  • Digging Piers
  • Drywall Prep
  • Back Landscaping
  • Railings Painted

Units 18-20:

  • Forming Slabs
  • Water Meters Moved

That’s it for this month’s Frank West update – we’ll see you back here next month!


Frank West is moving along. The sense of the jewel-like neighborhood is really coming together and there’s a beautiful treehouse vibe as May brings all the beautiful green. 

  • Siding work 
  • Railing installations
  • Landscaping 
  • Deck installation

Work continues. Like all construction projects in Texas, we’re facing supply chain slowdowns – both material and labor. We’re pleased with the progress and looking forward to what’s next.


Frank West single family homes and townhomes – construction is moving along.

  • Starting electrical inspections for single family homes.
  • Paving streets.
  • Landscaping behind townhomes, with fences behind units 12-14.
  • Deck installation for townhomes.
  • Mailbox kiosk installed.

Coming next: Starts for townhomes 18-20 expected first week of May. Check back next month!


Lots of things going on Frank West. Let’s dig in:

  • Unit 5: Tub installs, sliding doors coming up. 
  • Unit 6: Window installs, concrete prep for piers.
  • Unit 9: Trim installs, painting, finishing wall tile.
  • Unit 10: Flooring installation coming up.
  • Unit 11: Appliances and flooring installation.
  • Unit 12: Closet installation, cedar for back porch coming up. 
  • Unit 13: Closet installation, flooring coming up.  
  • Unit 14: Closet installation, flooring coming up.  
  • Unit 15: Brick cleaning, ac pad concrete pouring.
  • Unit 16: Mech trims continuing, rough final grade completion coming up.
  • Unit 17: Plumbing and electrical set out in progress. Rough final grade complete.
  • Unit 24: Tile punch and wood floor punch being completed, exterior painting coming up.
  • Unit 26: 2/1 – Gas meter inspection this week, scheduling final inspections.

We’ll see you back here next month. Happy New Year!


Right now:

  • Construction remobilized on townhome units, with anticipated completion of units 29 and 30 this month.
  • Site clean up.
  • Common area landscaping around townhome units.
  • Common area landscaping site walls are being formed/poured for community walking path.

Coming up next!

  • Anticipated completion of remaining townhome units 24-27.
  • Construction remobilization on single-family units 5-17.
  • Completion of carports for townhomes and single-family homes under construction.
  • Continued work on common area landscaping.