Frank. West Construction Updates

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What’s going on at Frank. West? This is where you can find out!

Come here to watch the paint dry:


We’re progressing and have lots to share about Frank of the West this month.

Around the Site

  • Rough grading and prep work on the common path. Ready for path and common landscaping install.

Up Close

  • Units 5-7: Cabinets installed; drywall hung and walls textured; beginning to install exterior decks & railings.
  • Units 8-10: Exterior work including gutters, decks & railings and fencing installed.
  • Units 12, 13, 17: Final builder punch work in anticipation of scheduled closings.
  • Units 14-16: Exterior poured. In-place pavers installed, decks and railings installed, wood flooring completed. 
  • Units 18 & 19: Foundations poured.
  • Units 20 & 23: Forms set and CoA inspections passed at end of November with foundations scheduled to be poured this month.
  • Units 21 & 22: Form sets slightly delayed to allow for access to adjacent units for foundations and frames.

That’s it for December. Wishing you sweet dreams of poured foundations and punch work. See you back here next month.


Exterior construction is near completion on Units 5-7, interior work which includes plumbing, hanging drywall and electrical work is still in progress. Continuing over on Units 8-10 are electric meters, HVAC start-up, paint, as well as cabinet/tile installation with wood floor installation still to come. To get ahead of late November-December closings, wood flooring in Units 12-17 is being installed along with trim, appliances, and final punch. Pre-pour walks for all contracted Units 18-20 are complete and foundations will be poured by month’s end. Foundation pours along with setting forms in Units 21-23 will be underway in November. Once we’ve received city permits on Units 1-4 we can go ahead with setting forms by the end of the year. General site work soldiers on with common area landscaping and site lighting. We expect a central common area path from townhomes to mail kiosk to reach completion in November.

Ciao for now.


Sir Franklin West!

Closed on its first single family home in mid-September with further closings for contracted homes anticipated by the end of the year. Privacy fencing has been installed throughout the circle drive of the project and prep has begun for pouring slabs on the next phase. Vertical construction is seeing steady progress across the project, with power expected at units 8-17 in the coming weeks, which will give way to interior finish-out for those units. Married carports and mailbox kiosk installations are finished along with common area landscaping behind townhomes.

Ciao for now, Sir Frankie.


Frank’s approaching the next phase with power and finishes while prep has begun for NHPs and sod going down and fences going up, moving into concrete on units 18-20.

We cherish you more than you know, Frank.


Carport framing and drywall is now in progress on Units 18-20. Electric is still to come and forming is underway as well.

This has been François West with your monthly communiqué, til next time!


Units 5-10:

  • Digging Piers
  • Drywall Prep
  • Back Landscaping
  • Railings Painted

Units 18-20:

  • Forming Slabs
  • Water Meters Moved

That’s it for this month’s Frank West update – we’ll see you back here next month!


Frank West is moving along. The sense of the jewel-like neighborhood is really coming together and there’s a beautiful treehouse vibe as May brings all the beautiful green. 

  • Siding work 
  • Railing installations
  • Landscaping 
  • Deck installation

Work continues. Like all construction projects in Texas, we’re facing supply chain slowdowns – both material and labor. We’re pleased with the progress and looking forward to what’s next.


Frank West single family homes and townhomes – construction is moving along.

  • Starting electrical inspections for single family homes.
  • Paving streets.
  • Landscaping behind townhomes, with fences behind units 12-14.
  • Deck installation for townhomes.
  • Mailbox kiosk installed.

Coming next: Starts for townhomes 18-20 expected first week of May. Check back next month!


Lots of things going on Frank West. Let’s dig in:

  • Unit 5: Tub installs, sliding doors coming up. 
  • Unit 6: Window installs, concrete prep for piers.
  • Unit 9: Trim installs, painting, finishing wall tile.
  • Unit 10: Flooring installation coming up.
  • Unit 11: Appliances and flooring installation.
  • Unit 12: Closet installation, cedar for back porch coming up. 
  • Unit 13: Closet installation, flooring coming up.  
  • Unit 14: Closet installation, flooring coming up.  
  • Unit 15: Brick cleaning, ac pad concrete pouring.
  • Unit 16: Mech trims continuing, rough final grade completion coming up.
  • Unit 17: Plumbing and electrical set out in progress. Rough final grade complete.
  • Unit 24: Tile punch and wood floor punch being completed, exterior painting coming up.
  • Unit 26: 2/1 – Gas meter inspection this week, scheduling final inspections.

We’ll see you back here next month. Happy New Year!


Right now:

  • Construction remobilized on townhome units, with anticipated completion of units 29 and 30 this month.
  • Site clean up.
  • Common area landscaping around townhome units.
  • Common area landscaping site walls are being formed/poured for community walking path.

Coming up next!

  • Anticipated completion of remaining townhome units 24-27.
  • Construction remobilization on single-family units 5-17.
  • Completion of carports for townhomes and single-family homes under construction.
  • Continued work on common area landscaping.